St. Neots Model Railway Club


Bowater Paper Mills

Bowaters Paper Mill Railway is a new O - 16.5 gauge layout under construction.

Based on the Mill at Kemsley in the 1960s, this was the last steam industrial railway in Britain, closed in 1969.

Logs and raw materials arrived at Ridham Dock - a Thames estuary inlet and were transported to Kemsley to be processed. From Kemsley the paper travelled to Sittingbourne for dispatch to London.

The Mill still exists, south of Sittingbourne in Kent, built on the marshes of the Swale estuary, at Kemsley. Part of the line has been preserved as a heritage line (Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway), running many of the locos originally used

A great deal of research has been done to gather as much material about the Kemsley Mill and surrounding buildings and although the whole site cannot be depicted, we have tried to capture a sense of the place and show as much as possible.

The layout will be presented through a proscenium arch.

The layout plan is complete, buildings have been mocked up to check positioning and the baseboard frames have been completed. The stock is being built using 3D printing.


We are currently adding baseboard tops and preparing drawings of the final buildings so that the position of windows and doors and exterior finish can be confirmed.

The layout will be controlled using Lenz DCC handsets, with Raspberry Pi operating Cobalt digital point motors via JMRI software on tablet / cellphone mimic diagram.

August, 2019