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St.Neots Model Railway Club

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Burbury End

OO Gauge 4mm                                      

Scale: 00

Standards: Finescale with electrofrog points

Geography: Somewhere in south western England. BR boundary changes have happened so say BR (S) and BR (W) features may appear.

Period: BR to end of steam, so 1948 to 68. Allows for some pre nationalisation stock plus BR early and late crest. Also introduce early diesels such as shunters, multiple units or railcars.

Dimensions: 12 ft x 2 ft 6 inches on three boards, two scenic and one fiddle yard. Uses three ex Ashfield boards as they are substantial, also saving time and money. Fiddle yard will be either transverser or sector plate.

Control systems: To be wired for analogue and DCC. We have two Gaugemaster hand held controllers, really reaching their sell by date. Consider a Morley Vector controller. I have had one for nine or more years and very pleased with it. Cost app £80.00. Points operated by Tortoise or Hoffman motors, club has the latter to hand. DCC users will need to utilise their own control systems.

A new control panel will need to be made. No decision as to method of point operation i.e. electric pencil, switches or push button. Consider options and keep simple.

Signalling: Semaphores from Dapol range. Wide variety available. Cost app £30.00 each but only 3 or 4 would be required.

Structures: To be decided. RTR are instant and can be weathered. Kits such as Metcalfe are good, quite easy to assemble and detail too. Would need platform, loco shed, goods shed or

similar plus private facility. Also some lights for platform and some buildings, but not too many!

Photos to follow as build progresses