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St.Neots Model Railway Club

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East Quay

00 Gauge 4mm                                              

East Quay is part of a small coastal town situated on a river estuary in the southwest of England. The ferry across to the other side of the estuary departs from the left-hand end of the harbour wall when the tide is high enough. A number of prosperous small businesses have grown up along the line because of the trade brought in by the ferry and the coastal goods traffic. As a result, East Quay has limited passenger facilities and a short platform, but quite a busy goods yard.

In the summer months East Quay is filled with holiday makers, but at other times of the year the area is the preserve of local fisherman and the remaining coastal traders. Today we see the little harbour at half-tide and the water is ebbing quickly. The few small craft will soon be resting on the muddy harbour bottom.

There are no big engines or express trains here, just small engines shunting the yard or arriving with two coach trains.

East Quay was elegantly modelled to OO finescale standards by Mick Payne of Kettering who generously passed it on to St Neots MRC in 2021.

Address for correspondence:

Chris Langdon

St Neots MRC

Email: [email protected]

Exhibition Information

Company British Railways

Period 1930s or 1950s

Dimensions 7ft x 18inches (plus adequate operating space behind)

Height 7ft 6in for lighting

Number of operators 2

Power Required Max 3 amps

Expenses Fuel for 1 vehicle

Overnight accommodation if more than two hours away

Insurance Value £3000 including stock

Tables 1 small stock table required